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7/8/16 - We are having a Backyard Bash at Red Tomato Farm! Please join us for an evening at the farm with the classic rock band, The Front Porch Rockers, on 8/27 from 7-9 pm. Hope to see you there!

6/6/16 - Are you looking for a great gift? Check out the Red Tomato Farm ETSY gift shop!

5/25/15 - We are pleased to share our quarterly Multisystemic Therapy Report.

5/9/16 - Check out the RTF Spring Newsletter. We have been busy preparing for our First Anniversary Open House on May 27 from 11 am - 1 pm! Our participants will be giving farm tours, displaying their artwork and offering homemade refreshments. We hope you can join us!

4/19/16 - Please join us at Red Tomato Farm for our First Anniversary Open House on May 27 from 11 am - 1 pm! Our participants will be giving farm tours, displaying their artwork and offering homemade refreshments. 

3/30/16CALLING ALL COOKS! Each day our participants at ‪Red Tomato Farm work in the kitchen reading recipes and using our available farm produce (eggs, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, greens, etc. when in season) to make healthy edibles. We are creating a program that will foster community integration by bringing a guest chef into our farm kitchen to create a recipe with our participants. We are not necessarily looking for a professional and experienced chef, just someone that likes to cook or be in the kitchen and would be willing to share a recipe with us! Feel free to share this with others and drop us a line if you are interested.

3/23/16 - We are pleased to announce that we have received our Prevocational License at ‪Red Tomato Farm! This experience prepares participants for jobs involving farm work, animal care, gardening, gift shops, sales, hospitality, event staff, boutique craft sales, and vintage resale and repurpose. All positions pay minimum wage. To join our Prevocational Program, download and complete an intake packet. Come grow with us!

3/10/16 - We were fortunate to have volunteers from a Bar Mitzvah class give our barn stall doors a fresh coat of paint at Red Tomato Farm. Check out the incredible difference they made in the before and after shots on our Facebook page

2/12/2016 - Our Incredible Years Program in Adams County held a Family Game Night to encourage family team work. 

1/28/2016 - We are pleased to announce that the Shikellamy Pride CTC Youth Coalition has been selected to pilot the new cCTC web-based curriculum. The eCTC workshops build community capacity to implement the five phases of CTC. After being fully trained in February, our CTC staff will have complete access to use the eCTC web links, which includes web presentations, instructional videos, activities, documents and facilitator guides.

​1/25/2016 - Catch up on Red Tomato Farm in the Winter Newsletter

1/12/2016 - Our participants are making a new bunny hutch to accommodate our recent babies and they painted this on the roof of the hutch! We are very proud of all the talent at ‪RTF!

1/5/2016 - We are excited to announce that we have been awarded a grant from Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency to help continue the work of our Communities that Care (CTC) Coalition for the students at Shikellamy School District. This Coalition focuses on healthy youth development. The grant will start July 1. 

12/21/15 - We have had a busy fall at the farm getting everything ready for the winter. Our farm participants take great pride in their work at the farm and it shows!

12/9/15 - Physical activity is an important part of the day at Red Tomato Farm. Participants enjoyed doing yoga and stretches.

11/30/15 - We are pleased to share our quarterly Multisystemic Therapy Report which is focused on improved school attendance and satisfied caregivers.

11/19/15 - Woodworking is just one of the many skills that our participants at Red Tomato Farm can acquire. We love the new bench that they made!

11/13/15 - Our participants at Red Tomato Farm made homemade cat toys for Penny, the farm cat. What a lucky cat!

11/5/15 - Here are the latest stats on The Incredible Years Program in Adams County. 

10/20/15 - See what we have been up to at Red Tomato Farm in our fall newsletter.

10/12/15 - We are having a Halloween Party at Red Tomato Farm & Inn on October 31st from 6-8 pm. Wear your favorite costume and join in on the fun! 

9/30/15 - We asked community members why they were proud of the community at the Shikellamy CTC Town Hall meeting. This is what they said

​9/28/15 - The children that participate in Dinosaur School through the Incredible Years Program in Adams County shake their wiggles out!


9/16/15 - The Key Leader Board and the Community Board for the Shikellamy Youth Pride Communities that Care Coalition met today to discuss the final details of the upcoming Town Hall Meeting on September 22. As planned at the Boards Training in April, these two groups will meet together quarterly to collaborate. Individually, the Community Board meets monthly for on-going committee efforts. With both boards together for the first time there was a full house and tremendous support for the youth of the Shikellamy community.


9/4/15 - The Shikellamy Youth Pride Communities that Care Coalition had a Town Hall Meeting on September 22, 2015 from 6-8 pm, The evening included an introduction to Communities that Care with a special focus will be on the upcoming PAYS Survey. The Guest Speaker was Geoffrey Kolchin from PCCD. 

9/2/15 - The construction workers at Red Tomato farm built us a new ramp in the barn. To thank them, our participants made them a delicious pizza lunch using some of our farm fresh ingredients. From start to finish, check out this inspirational day at the farm

8/27/15 - Check out the MST Quarterly Report.

8/17/15 - Who wants apple cake? We do, we do! The participants at RTF made this from scratch at the farm. 

812/15 - It take a team effort to clean up the barn at RTF.

8/5/15 - We celebrated a birthday at the farm with some pinata fun!

8/2/15 - Participants at Red Tomato Farm raked and weeded the gardens. 

7/31/15 - Red Tomato Farm tee shirts are available for purchase!

7/22/15 - Have you ever made Strawberry Bark? Participants at Red Tomato Farm have!

7/13/15 - Check out our new farm video! Everyone is enjoying the ducks.

7/10/15 - NEW! Farm tours available every Tuesday from 10 am - 1 pm. Stop by and meet Dave, our official RTF tour guide! (Other times available upon request.)

7/9/15 - Thank you to The Sentinal for the front page story on RTF! It was great having you visit us at the farm.

7/3/15 - Thumbs up for our Dauphin County Multisystemic Therapy Outcomes!

6/15/15 - Check out our Red Tomato Farm Summer Newsletter.

5/20/15 - We would like to introduce Phil Wagoner, RTF Farm Manager. The farm was beautiful yesterday afternoon when we stopped by to see Phil, meet the new animals and check out the latest kitchen project: warm chocolate chip cookies. They were every bit as good as they look. Check out the video.

5/6/15 - We are pleased to announce that Red Tomato Farm will officially open its doors for the licensed adult day activity program on Monday, May 11, 2015. We continue to accept referrals and all are encouraged to complete and send them in. Follow this link for more information on RTF

4/16/15 - We have passed our on-site licencing inspection at Red Tomato Farm and anticipate opening soon. 

3/23/15 - We have submitted our application for licensure for Red Tomato Farm & Inn. All of our heaviest construction is complete. We are having an Open House on April 9, 2014 from 10 am - 4 pm for prospective program participants, family members and support coordinators to stop by to see the new renovations. We are continuing to accept referrals and you are encouraged to complete and send them in. Check out the RTF Spring Newsletter.

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